SAF International Australia is a Sikh charity dedicated to uplifting South Asian communities of all faiths, guiding them from a state of struggle towards a brighter future filled with hope.




As a Sikh based charity, we believe in the oneness of humanity & work to provide a selfless service that does not discriminate.



Our projects aim to uplift marginalized & impoverished communities that lack the tools needed to break the cycle of poverty.



SAF’s mission is powered by our worldwide donors. In exchange, our team offers you honesty, transparency, and a platform for change.






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Empowering Lives, One Community at a Time: Providing International Relief Aid for Lasting Impact


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SAF International Australia is dedicated to fostering a brighter future for communities in India, Nepal, and wherever our aid is required. The project began in 2014 from a facebook page in Vancouver, Canada and is now operational in many countries across the world.


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Join us in supporting Nepali and Indian communities. Help us reach our goal: 200 children sponsored by Australians by May 2024.

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Building Stronger Communities. Deep Connections. Compassionate Solutions. Together, we address poverty and social challenges with understanding, kindness, and lasting impact.

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